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10 Anti-hijacking Tips

On the 17th May 2017 Lightstone Property released a comprehensive report (link) that included data on some of South Africa's worst hijacking and smash-and-grab hotspots. It is important as South African's to familiarize one's self with these hotspots.

Gauteng tops the list as having the most suburbs registered as vehicle crime hotspots with Western Cape and Kwazulu-Natal also severely affected by vehicle crimes. Socio-economic issues such as poverty and unemployment contribute greatly to the surge in vehicle crimes, whilst a poor transport system leaves the population with limited travel options often resulting in them using their cars for commuting.

For those commuter's who are using their vehicles in these hotspot areas, here are a list of anti-hijacking tips compiled by the team at GPS Gadgets to keep you safe:

  1. Lock your doors before starting any journey

  2. Be vigilant to any suspcious vehicles or people when entering your residence

  3. Familiarise yourself with the hotspots in and near your area or use a Garmin Nüvi navigation device which alerts you to vehicle crime hotspots whilst you are driving.

  4. Install a smash and grab film on your vehicle's weekend as this will minimize theft and injury should a smash-and-grab attempt occur.

  5. Ensure nothing of value is left in plain sight that will make you susceptible to vehicle crimes.

  6. At night, it is best to approach intersections and traffic lights slowly instead of waiting in a stationary position.

  7. Most hijacking's occur at your near one's residence's, if you feel you are being followed avoid entering your residence and rather drive to the nearest police station or public space such as a filling station to ensure yours and your passenger's safety.

  8. Install a GPS Gadgets live vehicle tracking and monitoring system and ensure there is access granted to an additional person should a hijacking occur.

  9. Dash cam's and CCTV are useful in providing visual evidence of suspicious activity to your local neighbourhood watch or police. Reporting any suspicious activity can help prevent a fellow neighbour or friend being victim to these crimes.

  10. The use of ride sharing apps such as Uber and Taxify is becoming increasingly popular especially for those travelling in and around South Africa. If you are unsure or not comfortable with travelling to certain areas it may be in your best interest to make use of these apps as they provide a level of safety and security.

See below for a video depicting a Porsche's driver's evasive moves to get out of a hijacking attempt:

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