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Industrieslogisitics, car rental, vehicle dealerships, agriculture, armed response, public and private transport services (and more).

What We DoGPS Gadgets® prides itself as a telemtry solutions provider. We understand that every business requires a unique solution, thus customising our platform around the specific needs of our customer. Our advanced and highly customizable fleet management platform is designed to improve productivity and efficiency when managing your business' fleet. 

Solutions: Our solution has proven itself as a worthy business management tool, that enables business efficiency. We have provided customized solutions to every major industry in South Africa, as well as parts of southern Africa. Please see below for some of the solutions we have created: 

Local and Cross Border Fleet Management: Vehicle Parameters Measured:

  • Air intake Temperature

  • Coolant Temperature

  • Engine RPM

  • Throttle Position

  • Fuel Level (vehicle specific)

  • Battery Voltage

  • Engine Oil Temperature

Barcode Scanning:

Wireless Asset Tracking

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